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Jennifer Woodward is a senior paralegal with Barnard Iglitzin & Lavitt LLP. Jennifer has a Bachelor's degree in Law, Societies and Justice from the University of Washington and an Advanced Technical Arts degree in Paralegal Studies.

Since joining the firm, Jennifer has expanded her understanding and experience of labor law by working with the National Labor Relations Board, Marine Employees Commission, Public Employment Relations Commission, and the Federal and Superior Court systems.

With the utmost attention to detail, efficiency, and organization, Jennifer enthusiastically takes a lawsuit from discovery and preparation to trial phase. Jennifer combines her dedication for justice and union-side labor law to successfully work with clients through all aspects of legal proceedings.

Jennifer is a proud member of Office and Professional Employees International Union, Local 8. Previously, Jennifer worked for King County Superior Court, and brings to the firm her experience in trial preparation and procedure.

Jennifer Woodward

Senior Paralegal/Workflow Coordinator

tel - 206.285.2828 x6016
fax - 206.378.4132

18 West Mercer Street
Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98119