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Single & Multi-Day Seminars

Our low-cost in-depth single and multi-day seminars are designed to empower our clients, and can be specifically tailored to fit your union's needs.

We currently offer training and education for Negotiations, Strategies for Grievances and Arbitrations, understanding core legal issues faced by union representatives in Labor Law, strategic Organizing, how to conduct Effective Strikes, how to write Effective Briefs, and how to Help Disabled Workers

In each of our seminars, the combination of lecture, discussion, and role-playing in a small group environment, complements practical step-by-step outlines and course work. Students leave the seminar both with gained knowledge as well as reference materials.

Our main conference room is outfitted to house up to 40 people at a time in our Seattle location with several smaller conference rooms well suited for break-out discussions and role playing, or if you prefer, we are happy to conduct the training at a location of your choosing.

Currently there are no single or multi-day seminars scheduled.

For more information, to RSVP, or to schedule a single or multi-day group seminar, please email:

Barnard Iglitzin & Lavitt LLP
18 West Mercer Street, Suite 400
Seattle, Washington 98119-3971

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